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EV-olution offers smart charging stations designed for building an Intelligent, Connected and Future ready electric vehicle charging infrastructure for condominiums, industrial facilities, commercial plazas and offices.

Industrial EV
Industrial / Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
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Condominiums Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Why to work with EV-olution Charging Systems for your building

EV-olution Charging System Inc. was founded to become a trusted brand and a long-term partner to the Electrical Wholesale industry with focus on Multi-unit Residential/Condominium buildings (MURB). We manufacture smart electric vehicle charging stations that focus on dynamic power sharing and high quality hardware design. Our Intelligent-Connected-Future Ready solutions, will help the typical MURB to achieve potential near future cost savings of hundreds of thousands in electrical upgrades***. Our Turnkey Solution offers Hardware, Software (Billing) and 24×7 Support. We offer 3 year manufacturing warranty at no additional cost, no extra fees per charging session and provide help with the Government rebate programs (such as ZEVIP) when it is available.

***For example, ordering hundreds of Amps from the local Utility and upgrading the Transformer Capacity for the building may cost more than $ 200,000***
EV-olution Charging Station Advantages

Dynamic Power Sharing / Power Management using LAN connection which allows to charge 4 times more cars simultaneously

power sharing

Platform Agnostic Communication Protocol (OCPP) which allows station to be connected to any network

Smart (networked) chargers for the billing and monitoring purposes

  • Remote Servicing and Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 for Tier 1 end-user support
  • 9 AM to 5 PM EST for Tier 2 support of the site host dashboard
  • Detailed Reports available 24/7
CSMS management
Canadian electric vehicle green power

The Canadian Condominium Institute –Toronto, Plug’n Drive, World Wildlife Fund Canada and Zizzo Allan Professional Corporation have been working to ensure that changes are made to the legislation that make it easier for condominium owners and condominium corporations to install EV charging infrastructure. The charging station is a sophisticated equipment, that can communicate with the vehicle to ensure that the car’s on-board charger is safely activated.