Dynamic Power Sharing / Power Management
Full OCCP - Platform Agnostic Communication Protocol
Cost savings on electrical infrastructure upgrades
Turnkey EV charging solutions designed for building an Intelligent, connected and future ready EV charging infrastructure for condos, industrial facilities ,commercial plazas and offices

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A smart and efficient EV charging station tailored to address EV Charging needs for Condos. Our EVOSHARE Series – the smartest and most flexible charging station. It comes with WI-FI and Ethernet connectivity which makes it the most robust station on the market. The system will automatically distribute the available power effectively among the charging stations connected.

Electric Car Smart Charging Stations

Industrial / Commercial EV charging system

When you are searching for EV charging station for your office or commercial plaza, there is no better products than EVOSHARE Premium Series at 48A and 80A (Single Port or Dual Port). The system works with all grids and cars and comes in a single version. Solution accepts every major credit card and offers multiple convenient ways for EV drivers to pay. Our elegant station comes with anti-theft protection mechanism and will automatically distribute the available power effectively among the charging stations connected.

EV-olution’s Vision

EV-olution Charging Systems Inc. is a Canadian based company born with one main goal in mind – to accelerate EV adoption in Canada and help create a better future for the next generation. We work with business owners, condo corporations and property managers to properly plan EV charging infrastructure and make sure that the solution is Future-Ready. Our intelligent, dynamic power sharing solution will save condo corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars on future electrical infrastructure upgrade costs and will charge 4x more cars simultaneously!

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