DC Fast Chargers

Our DC Fast Chargers combine the latest technologies with innovative design to offer smart and efficient electric vehicle charging process. EV-olution charging stations offer wide range of power from 30kW to 240kW. EV charging software solution includes both the front end mobile APP and user interface (HMI) as well as the back end central office and cloud-based management, payment and monitoring platforms.

DC Fast Chargers
30kW DC Charger
40KW DC Charger
60-240kW DC Charger

Great Deal for Commercial Parking Owners


Office building or corporate campuses


Retail plazas or other public sites


Charging for your electric vehicles inventory


EV-olution's DC Fast Chargers Value Proposition

Intelligent, Connected, Future Ready
  • Charge every battery type
  • Fully OCPP enabled
  • Network or Standalone operation
  • RFID, QR-Code, Mobile App
Cutting Edge Technology
  • Wide range of charging power from 30kw to 240kw
  • Modular structure with 20kW power modules allows for future growth
  • Multi-Standard: CCS, CHAdeMO
Maximize Revenue Generation
  • Drastically reduce downtime, car is rapidly charged and ready to go
  • Supports any payment methods
  • Small size design of the charger allows installation flexibility

Partners Welcome

Do you want to work with the market’s most complete charging solution for multi-family homes, public charging, businesses and single-family homes?

We are looking for companies that would like to become EV-olution Charging Systems partners.