DC Ultra-Fast Charging

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EV-olution offers a very unique EV Charging Solution that makes it to stand out among the competition. We reduce the amount of idle power and allow your company to send more cars/trucks on the road with the same available power minimizing significantly your company Operating expenses. This technology is a Gamechanger in Ultra DC Fast Charging. Along with the conventional DCs, EV-olution’s offerings will fit your budget and will allow you to implement scalable, future proof and cost-effective solution.

Adaptive Dynamic Power Sharing: The Gamechanger in DC Ultra-Fast Charging
level 3 DC charging
Power Distribution with Satellites
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Station Charger
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Movable Charger

Dynamic Power Sharing Saves Money

EV-olution system offers a cutting-edge dynamic power sharing option that saves money and reduces the amount of idle power.Charging availability is important to EV drivers when the driver pulls up to a charging station, the desire is to be able to plug in and receive power without waiting too long. Traditional DC charging solutions provide a static power distribution with ~75% power utilization, prolongs overall charging time and leaves a substantial amount of unused power. From the other side, our dynamic charging is the perfect solution to reduce queuing times.

The amount of charging power at a site is shared between several cars simultaneously. The power output per plug is not static. Instead, it is flexible depending on the amount of power of car needs and how many other cars are present.  When one car releases power from its charging session, the power can be distributed to the next car. For example, if six cars need power at the same time, our dynamic charging solution optimizes power levels based on the car’s needs and charging curves. That’s why we encourage charging operators to provide more plugs and more power to service more vehicles at once. Dynamic power-sharing provides an improved ROI and increased profitability to Charge Point Operators.

Level 3 DC Fast and Ultra Fast Charging

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Fleet / Electric Busses



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Industrial Machinery / Boats

Why Our Technology

  • Lower investment on the grid side
  • 95% utilization of the existing power vs ~75% in Conventional DCs
  • Hundreds of thousands in savings on the infrastructure costs
  • Send more cars on the road with the same infrastructure
  • Minimize OPEX Product reliability, less maintenance, easy to repair
  • 50% Faster Return on Investment
  • Reducing EMF Radiation (Power source can be up to 260 ft away)

Partners Welcome

Do you want to work with the market’s most complete charging solution for multi-family homes, public charging, businesses and single-family homes?

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