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EV-olution offers smart charging stations designed for building an Intelligent, Connected and Future ready electric vehicle charging infrastructure for condominiums, industrial facilities, commercial plazas and offices. Our Adaptive Dynamic Power Sharing DC Ultra Fast Charging solution reduces the amount of idle power and allows your company to send more cars/trucks/buses on the road with the same available power.

Industrial EV
DC Ultra Fast Charging Solutions: Fleet, e-Bus, Commercial
residential EV
MURB: Condos/Apartments Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
EV-olution's Story

Our story began in early 2018 when we decided to learn from the world’s most advanced countries in EV adoption – Sweden and Norway. We toured factories, and surveyed property managers and tenants to understand how they approached EV adoption. After extensive R&D, we built a strong portfolio of Level 2 and Level 3 Turnkey charging solutions, providing an answer to any EV charging requirements. With vast domain expertise, including 20+ years in Electrical and Lighting business, and a deep knowledge of the EV space, we’ve transformed into a fast-growing Ontario based Corporation that supplies high quality charging solutions to the largest Canadian Electrical Wholesalers.

DC chargers commercial
Top Notch Hardware

Personal cars, delivery vehicles, buses and more — we charge any EV, anywhere it goes. We’ve built a fully integrated portfolio of UL and CE certified hardware with the best technology in the industry.

ev software
Full Control Software

With our advanced and secure software you can get instant access to detailed data reports to track charging station usage and electricity intake, including cloud services and 24/7 technical support.

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EV Experience

We’re 100% focused on EV charging technology. Our solutions are designed and tested by people who drive electric vehicles. We are dedicated on offering the best electric vehicle charging experience for a Canadian EV owners.