Station Charger

  • Dynamic Charging Power Management (pat. pend.) for intelligent, adaptive and automatic
    charging power distribution
  • Scalability with add-on power modules
  • The charging power can be routed to up to 4 charging outputs
  • Up to 2 external S-Series charging satellites can be connected to C-Station
  • The door is equipped with a swing handle with a tumbler lock for easy & safe enclosure
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Station Charger Integrated Charging System

C-Station includes the functionalities of both S-Series charging satellites and C-Series CPUs. Its heavy-duty electromechanical design includes three types of modules for control, dynamic and power. Each cabinet utilizes 1 to 4 power modules, each providing a charging power of up to 50 kW and a maximum nominal power of up to 200 kW. This can be divided between 1 to 4 charging outputs, using static or dynamic charging power management. On static power management, each power module is dedicated to a specific charging cable or routed to an external satellite. On dynamic power management, the charging power is routed automatically up to full power, depending on cable sizing and the number of charging outputs.