Satellite Charging

  • Advanced cable support system (pat. pend.) to provide premium user experience
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive user menu on a 7” touch screen display
  • On-screen QR code to follow the charging status on your mobile phone
  • Flexibility in designing the charging system topology


Advanced Satellite Charging System

There are several variations of S-Series charging satellites, equipped with one or two charging outputs each. One satellite charging system can consist of up to 4 double or 8 single output satellites, in total 8 charging outputs. The power to S-Series charging satellites is supplied by C-Series charging power unit (CPU), providing a maximum power of up to 200/400/600 kW, depending of the CPU version and cable sizing. S-Series fits locations where a heavy- duty usage, and a high number of charging outputs are needed, such as gas stations, shopping malls, distribution centers, parking areas and bus depots.