Turnkey EV Charging Solutions


EV-olution offers a complete EV Charging solutions that will covers any of your home / business EV charging requirements and will fit any budget. EV-olution works with largest Canadian electrical wholesalers and brings innovative technology that makes us to stand out among the competition.

EV-olution’s solutions cover the following industry segments:


Level 2 AC Charging

single home ev-charging

Single Home Residential

condo ev charging

MURB: Condos / Apartments

commercial fleet

Fleet / Commercial


Level 3 DC Fast and Ultra Fast Charging

bus fleet

Fleet / Electric Busses



industrial machinery

Industrial Machinery / Boats

Case Studies

DHL electric truck charging

Commercial fleet

electric bus depot

Electric Bus Depot

EV charge HUB

Charge Hub

Electric Car Smart Charging Solutions

Industrial / Commercial EV charging systems

EV-olution system offers a cutting-edge dynamic power sharing option that saves money and reduces the amount of idle power. In charging areas with several charging stations and charging outputs, the dynamic charging means that the power released from the charging session of the electric car A can be transferred to the electric car B. This transfer is made simultaneously as the electric car A asks less and less power towards the end of the charging session. The cars are set in the queue automatically when plugged to the charger and system knows in which order the released power will be distributed to other cars.

EV-olution’s Vision

We envisage a society powered by fully electric transportation, making the world cleaner and more sustainable. We want to create an electric vehicle charging infrastructure that is both extensive and reliable, meaning that EV’s become the norm. The fine details of our charging technology will make a huge difference to your company

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